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Sycamore Resort Property Management

Property Management



  • Guaranteed 10% Rental Income for 1 year.
  • Owners will receive monthly income deposited directly in the owner checking account.
  • The unit can be used up to 15 days a year.


  • Owners will receive monthly income deposited directly in the owner checking account;
  • The unit can be used up to 60 days a year;
  • No Block out dates;
  • Property Management will take care of all check-in check-out, guests services and concierge services.


  • In this program, the owner does not participate in any rental program.
  • The unit will stay closed whenever is not being used.
  • The unit can be used up to 180 days a year.
  • Property Management will support the maintenance services

Top 4 Keys to Rental Property


No competition

With Sycamore Resort there is no competition between owners. We use one main website page to advertise all properties.


Onsite Management

We have the most experienced company taking care of your property daily, we work in prevention to save you money.


Travel Plataform

Your unit will be advertise in the most known websites: booking.com/tripadvisor.com/airbnb.com


Low maintenance

Sycamore Resort is the only new property with no Master Condo Association or CDD fees. 


While you are away, and your property will be under our responsibility the Management team will:

  • Hire a housekeeper services;
  • Daily check the property, we will schedule maintenance if necessary;
  • In-house maintenance of small repairs;
  • Bill payment – Water-Sewer-Trash, Electricity and Cable-Internet;
  • Check in and check out guests;
  • Work with the Booking Department to provide all services and special requests from your guests;
  • Provide operation report;
  • Maintain the Building common areas.

Sycamore Resort hired Access Management as our Property Manager.

To learn more, download Property Management information

Sycamore is focus on Effective property management. This effort requires a close working relationship between tenants, investors, and managers. This enhances the ability to satisfy each party’s needs while improving NOI (Net Operating Income), ROI (Return On Investment), and the property itself.

Owner Use and expenses FAQs

The most asked questions about property management. 

How many days the owner can use the unit?

We have 3 different rental programs options, If the unit is for private use up to 180 days. On a regular rental program 60 days and during the Leaseback up to 15 days (blockout dates apply)

Do I receive daily housekeeping while staying in my unit?

Not for default, but you can add those services to your stay.

What is the owners fixed expenses?

The owner is responsible for HOA , Property taxes, Insurance, Annual Assessments. Our HOA include all utilities. There is no Master Association or CDD on Sycamore Resort.

What is the insurance needed it for my unit?

For your protection we required personal liability, interior liability and coverage for personal items.

What happened with my income when I decide to sell the property?

You will receive income during all your ownership. When you schedule your property to selll, we will withdraw the unit from the rotation, so you are free to schedule your closing with no commitment to future guests.

Rental Income

The most asked questions about the rental income of your unit. 

How are the rental rates determined?

The property management will hire a rental income specialist, in the hospitality industry this professional is the Revenue Manager. He is responsible for research comparable prices and properties to determine the highest possible income that you might receive in a daily basis. 

How the units will be advertised?

The property management will use online plataforms, the most known travel websites: booking.com/tripadvisor/airbnb. The property will be also advertise Sycamore website on google ads. 

How the priority of units are determined?

The property management will use a rotation system. Properties with be classified as suite, deluxe suite, superior suite, deluxe suite. This classification is based on unit location and view. Once the property is classified and the client chose their options, the units will rotate to a fair opportunity to all owners. 

How much is the Revenue split?

The units will have the following split: Gross income will subtract 35% of rental costs and the balance will be paid to owners (65%) as a net rental income. 

Do I have access to bookings?

Yes, the property management will create an individual login access to each owner for online access of all property information. 

Do I receive monthly income?

Yes, each 20th of the month owners will receive direct deposits payments on their checking bank account in the United States. 

Do I receive monthly statements?

Yes, every month the property management will issue a statement of rentals, costs and net income to be paid to each owner. 

Can I rent my own property?

No, the property management will advertise and rent all properties, to avoid any internal rate competition on Sycamore Resort. 

What it means pet friendly resort?

It means that: Property Management will set a group of units to participate of the pet friendly available units for rental. The rule is: Acceptable pets; Cats and Dogs. Only friendly breeds up to 25 pounds per pet. All units on the 1st floor are pet friendly units (The reason is to avoid pets on the elevator) pets cannot be left unnatended, all pets during the “day” have to be left at the pet hotel for day care. 


The most asked questions about property maintenance.

When the property will be painted?

The units are schedule to it’s first maintenance in 5 years. 

When the furniture will be replaced?

The furniture is schedule to change in 5 years  ( all textiles – sofas, courtains, pillows,mattress, etc.) After 5 years all furniture package including appliances, tables, beds, will be replaced to keep the upscale appearance. 

Can my insurance cover small accidents?

Yes, the insurance for rental properties ( DP3) will coverage property accidents, damage on personal items  and property items. 

Do we need to keep a reserve for maintenance?

Yes, remember you are the sole owner of the property. We can rely on insurances but sometimes is better to pay for a small damage than start a claim. Normally when you open a claim the insurance company raise the monthly expense of the insurance. It’s worth to check the cost of the replacement before contact the insurance.