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The Sycamore Franchise Concept

The Sycamore Resort Franchise shall be built upon our sustainable ethos, each resort shall incorporate an element of nature into it’s branding, design & experiences.

Our projects will come together & emulate the harmonious system found in nature.


Our sycamore foundation

Inclusive & Sustainable Thinking

Here at Primeland Development we pursue social & environmental thinking in all of our projects. We are here to develop our team & community and ensure we make the most of our resources. This is our goal as a company.

Concious thinking


Primeland Development has a green building certification & works in energy efficient buildings. Our eco friendly work systems and relaxing to all.

Opportunity for all


We have a gender equality mission that provides equal opportunities & recourses for the community.

Fair leadership


Our company has zero tolerance for discrimination. We lead with diversity in mind and offer work opportunities for all.

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How we’re pursuing equality

The Sycamore Foundation

Sycamore’s Foundation will promote equal opportunities through a variety of social programs.

Gender Equality

  • We offer Job Replacement
  • Recourses for a better education
  • Support for all wome through domestic violence facilities & day care.
  • Fair salaries & careers

Educational Programs

  • We will help train people in basic IT knowledge
  • There will be professional training for all areas of our employment.

Felon Employment

  • Job Replacement for men & women
  • Men & Women can pursue an array of careers within construction & hospitality
  • No discrimination policy

Young People

  • Kick Start careers through internships
  • Personal & professional mentoring.
  • Spaces to showcase young talent.

Homeless & Elderly

  • We will offer meals on wheels – our
  • community will be served the recourses from our restaurants.

Natural experiences.

Sycamore Resort

Alluringly natural design that values form & function. Our interior’s deep &
rich earth tones accentuate

Sycamore’s connection with nature.
The environment has gone under extensive testing to ensure it is accessible, convenient, and relaxing to all.

Sycamore Resort

Upcoming Project

Sycamore Vacation Club

We’re bringing to you: Sycamore Vacation Club! Based on the element of water, it provides fun, excitement and joy for everyone.

With a wide range of activities available through water sports, parks and swimming pools, it wll be the perfect getaway for a holiday.


Sycamore Vacation Club

Upcoming Project

Sycamore Illumination

There’s never a dull night in Sycamores newest resort; built on the element of fire, it’s consistenly ablaze with life, light & excitement.

It will be a new attraction to Orlando; a tourism hotspot bursting with unique attractions.

Sycamore Illumination