On a yearly basis, Orlando’s tourism reached upward of $47 billion in visitor spending, its one of the hottest locations in the US and that hasn’t been stopped in the aftermath of the pandemic. There are new attractions opening up around every corner from the biggest theme parks in the country, and as we prepare for the festive season, we can expect a fantastic boom in tourism.

This week, Primeland Development is letting you know of the new tourist attractions that have opened up and will be opening up soon.

Disney: Transforming EPCOT

Concept art of the multiyear Epcot transformation

One of the most historic transformations of a Disney park is currently underway at EPCOT. The park will see a fantastic line-up of new experiences, features, and attractions as a celebration of the magical and endless possibilities of Disney.

This transformation will bring to Orlando a new generation of immersive story telling and attract a fresh demographic to it’s spectacular gates. Starting in October, EPCOT has been merged with four neighbourhoods that each showcase important aspects of the world; World Showcase, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery. Innovation will be at the core of the new destinations!

World Showcase

    • Brand NEW attraction Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, where guests go on an adventure through the world of Gusteau’s restaurant and shrink to the size of Remy.
    • New Restaurant La Creperie de Paris, offering delicious courses with table and quick-service options
    • Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue, will be a casual restaurant serving classic American backyard BBQ and home-craft brews!
    • Harmonious, a new night-time attraction that performs an array of familiar songs over a diverse group of 240 artists from around the globe!

World Nature 

    • World Nature will be a way to understand and preserve the beauty and magic and the natural world. It will have The Land and The Season, with Nemo & Friends, plus more!
    • Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana: this new attraction will be based on the relatively new film Moana! This fantastic experience will allow guests to play with magical water.

World Discovery

    • Be taken on a journey of science, and intergalactic adventure in World Discovery
    • Brand New Space 220 Restaurant will be a fantastic new way to dine in a space station, it will have virtual views of earth from 220 miles above the surface. Guests can enjoy meals, drinks, and take in views that are otherworldly.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will be a family-friendly adventure at the Galaxarium. It will explore earth and Xandars similarities and share brand new information on the magical universe of the hit franchise.

Universal’s Epic Universe

Epic Universe, Concept Art

This new Epic Universe project is going to become the largest Universal park in the US, boasting at least three new intellectual properties. Some of the largest names in animation and blockbuster movies will be included in the park, such as DreamWorks Animation, Illumination (Despicable Me) and Nintendo.

What will be contained in the park is still rumoured, but there is no doubt that it is ginormous. The size of the location can fit both the Universal Studios and Island of adventure in the entire park, with plenty of extra space.

Current Speculation 

    • Super Nintendo World with Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Toad’s Café, and Yoshi Family Ride
    • Universal Monsters with a high-tech dark ride, restaurants, and shows
    • How to Train Your Dragon with a Boat ride, play area, dragons coaster, flying rides and more
    • Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a fantastical theatre show, rides and VR attractions.
    • The park will also have a luxury hotel with a full-service restaurant, as seen in the concept art, it will loom over the park with its fantastic size.

Cirque Du Soleil At Disney Springs

Coming in November, is a brand new Cirque du Soleil & Walt Disney partnership show. It showcases their long-lasting relationship through magical entertainment, and never seen before performances from Disney. The show draws inspiration from its history of animation, and will be a tribute to fantastical craftmanship in Disney movies. 

The show follows a young girl names Julie, whose father animated for Disney. She will discover herself in a journey of exploration and magical reveals. The show will present unfinished animation left by her father, and will be a beautiful homage to Disneys adventurous heritage.

Below are some of the known acts

  • Aerial Straps Duo
  • Animation Sequence
  • Juggling 
  • Lassoing
  • Russian Swing
  • Suspended Pole
  • Wheeled Russian Cradle

Tickets are available now, and it will begin this month!

IKON Park World’s Tallest Slingshot

IKON park is bringing two record-breaking attractions to Orlando, The Orlando Slingshot and The Orlando Gyro Drop Tower! The Slingshot will be an extremely impressive 300 feet high, almost 50 stories. The ride will allow guests to dual load, so guests can load into it while other passengers ride. 

The Gyro Drop Tower will take riders above the IKON parks skyline, making them reach 400 feet in the air! This the perfect for ride for adrenaline lovers, even better, it will feature a surprise twist before a 350 feet free fall. 

This will no doubt be a new popular tourist attraction at Orlando, as IKON park already brings in a whopping number of tourists to see their iconic Orlando eye. Which is currently the tallest observation wheel on the East Coast. 

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