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Holiday Season Realtor Rewards

Primeland Development

The season of gift giving is here, start earning with Primeland Now!

We pride ourselves on rewarding realtors for the hard work that they do every day. For this reason, Primeland created a special edition of our Loyalty Program.
Holiday Seasons Loyalty Program will offer you special gifts for you on top of our 10% commission schedule.


10% Commission PLUS! Gifts & Luxury Bonuses


Get Luxury Bonuses

Macbooks, iPhones, Watches, Tickets to local attractions, Mont Blanc Pens & more!

Marketing Materials

Business Cards, Monthly Campaigns, Investment In Events, Social Media Posts, Everything Personalised For You

End Of Year Awards

To recognise your work with Primeland, we will host an end of year awards ceremony to present an award of sales to all realtors!

Primeland Development

We provide world class property in top Central Florida locations.

Primeland Development is a real estate developer that believes in the relentless pursuit of high quality, transparent, conscious and profitable products. Our team makes it a mission to ensure an outstanding outcome for every project that we engage in.

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