The holiday season is fast approaching and with this comes a boom in vacation bookings. Everyone wants magical experiences during the festive seasons, and that’s usually away from home. Whether it’s singles, couples, or families of 5, they’re all on the hunt for the perfect festive experience.

So, for all the vacation homeowners out there, this is your time to shine. Not only can you attract a heap of new guests, but most importantly, you can get repeat customers. These are the most valuable kind, as they bring great referrals, respect what you’re offering, and book all year round. 

This week, we’re discussing the top tips to help you get loyal guests in your vacation home.

Easy & Convenient Access

The holiday seasons are hectic enough without travel, so the last thing guests want when they finally arrive at their destination is to run around trying to get their luggage, keys, and check-in organised. The top priority for any vacation homeowner is having a system in place that makes the guests journey from arrival, to settling in, absolutely seamless. 

Although it’s possible to make this work independently, it can be extremely time-consuming. Some of the best experiences can be achieved through property management services, for example, Sycamore Resort’s property management has a valet, concierge, and personalised helpers for guests at check-in. The process from arrival to departure is streamlined with help at every corner. If you don’t have time on your hands – investing in property with these services, or, hiring your own could be a great option. 

Now, if you want to go the independent route, there’s still a lot you can do. Leaving the keys and a welcome basket with everything they need to know with the neighbour can be the perfect way to make a great first impression. If you have someone stationed at the vacation home, you can even make sure that they help guests with their luggage, as the small stuff makes a world of difference.

Make Guests Feel At Home

The best experiences are at places you can call a second home. This tip falls into the previous one in some ways. Try and make sure that guests have everything they’d have at home, from appliances to furnishings, it’s important to think of everything needed for a holiday atmosphere.

Ensure that the home doesn’t have any of your belongings anywhere and have personal photos etc hidden. This can be a hard thing to maintain if you often use the home yourself, so you can always look into investing in vacation rentals like this one with fully furnished homes that provide daily cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Some of the most frequently left feedback on vacation homes is surrounding well-equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and amenities. People love convenience – the less you make them have to bring with them, the more inclined they are to return. Ensure that your kitchen has a large range of appliances and all your bathrooms have the necessary toiletries. Even better, if you have the recourses, include some amenities such as a hot tub, play area, or even a pet-friendly section. If you don’t have the recourses, then board games, books, & movies can also be a great way to go the extra mile.

Here at Sycamore Resort, our most attractive quality is our Pet Hotel. Why? Because vacation-goers LOVE to bring their family pets with them. It takes away the stress of finding a pet sitter or leaving them in day-care. Even better, it adds to the second home experience. So if possible, make your property pet friendly

After they leave

So, we’ve discussed what makes a home alluring, but how about making them return? Well, the key here is the interactions you have after they leave. It’s important to keep in touch and remind them of their amazing experience at your home

Some of the best ways to do this can be through a friendly note or a beautiful email to your guest. Asking for feedback is a great way to begin two-way communication after their stay and boost your reputation. Ensure you ask how their experience was, and if there are any improvements you need to make. If you want to make an even bigger impression, offer them something great in return, perhaps a discount for their next stay or a friends & family referral package. 

If possible make sure they stay in the loop about your vacation property, send them an email with big property updates – did you change your furniture? Update the photos? Add in a new deal? Let them know!

This can all be a lot to do, so don’t brush off the services of excellent property management, who can take care of all the marketing for you. From advertising your home, getting guests, and keeping in contact, they can do it all to an exceptional standard. This can be a great option if your time is precious to you. 

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