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Who We Are

We are a Development company dedicated to providing quality vacation condos. We exceed our client’s expectations and ensure our products serve our community


Luxury Vacation Condos

Mission & Values.

Our Vision

Efficiency is an essential aspect of our venture as we are looking to merge the convenience of the modern world with an environmentally responsible approach. This is essential when aiming to create products that maintain sustainability for years to come. Those elements create the essence of Primeland Real Estate Development’s foundations.

Our Mission

We believe in the relentless pursuit of high quality, transparent, conscious and profitable products. Our team makes it a mission to ensure an outstanding outcome for every project that we engage in. This leads to products that are reliable and worth considering for a solid investment.

Owners Profile


Karen Costa – President:

She has been working with the real estate businesses for many years. With 19 years of experience as a Mortgage Broker and 6 years of experience as a real estate agent.

Her background in project development and vast knowledge of the industry make her an excellent leader for this project. Her role as president of Primeland Development is enhanced thanks to her years of dedication and her ability to engage in optimal client relationships.

Marli Quadros – Vice President:

She has been working in the real estate industry as long as 15 years, with a vast experience in Mortgage Origination.

She is able to bring that knowledge into her vice presidency and this makes her an essential part of the team – one that shares the same dedication and professionalism of her business partner.

Our Products

We are building Vacation condos that offers units of one to three bedrooms and the main goal is to ensure high quality with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

The stylish designs ensure that value is held for years to come and the location was chosen with a clear view of what is expected of the area decades ahead.

The resort is 5 miles away from Disney and the magic of the parks is felt in every corner of our family-friendly construction.

Luxury Vacation Condos

Reconnect – Relax – Return

  • The Sycamore  Resort is positioned between hotels and single-family homes. The investor and the tourist who seek space and comfort find in it all the Resort convenience and entertainment without the costs of a single family property.
  • These properties will be administered by a Private Property Company with years of experience to offer the best guest experience.
  • The main goal is to create revenue in the Resort area to decrease the costs for the owners. All the costs of the Resort are paid directly to the guest at the time of booking. Sycamore is the only Resort that will not charge owners: Resort Association fees or Property Taxes in the Common area maintenance ( CDD).

Sycamore Resort will be:

  • Adding value to the property with the National Green Building Certificate
  • Minimize acquisition and operation costs, with highly efficient appliances, vanities, faucets, flooring and all its features.
  • Increases customer satisfaction that uses the property tremendously, with a daily entertainment area, developed to clients to have fun and create everlasting memories.
  • Loyalty guests – Branding our Resort with the best quality products, features and entertainment with a service-oriented culture for all our employees to follow in the years to come.
  • Maximize capital on return on investment. Sycamore is the perfect product that will increase your portfolio, it’s a secured by the real estate unit, in one of the Top 10 cities in the country to invest.


Our technical team involves the highly experienced and innovative engineers from Jordan Companies and the outstanding architect team at Bumpus and Associates. Both of which merge their skills in order to work with the Best in Central Florida Contractors in the Persuit of a Quality and Sustainable Product for the unmatched results that we are proud to showcase at Primeland Real Estate.